Carpet Glo – 1 Litre (Single)


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Carpet Glo – Key Benefits

  • Powerful enough to remove unwanted dirt.
  • Gentle enough to enhance the carpet’s colour and general appearance.
  • Is antistatic and quick drying.


  • Cleans carpets and upholstery.
  • Highly concentrated and therefore very economical.
  • Voluminous foam makes for efficient dry method cleaning


Before use: Carpet should be tested for colour fastness (preferably 24 hours in advance) and thoroughly vacuumed to remove all loose dirt.

For Hand Cleaning: Mix 1 part Carpet Glo to 40 parts water (1:40). Stir vigorously, then use resultant foam only, to do the cleaning, being cautious not to soak the carpet. Allow the foam to dry then vacuum or brush away any dry foam residue.

For Machine Cleaning: Observe manufacturer’s instructions. Other uses: Upholstery, windows, mirrors and chrome

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Carpet Glo gives all the excellent care needed to maximize carpet appearance and functional life.

Neolife’s Carpet Glo is powerful enough to remove unwanted dirt and is gentle enough to enhance the carpet’s colour and general appearance.

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