Magnesium Complex


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Key Benefits

Powerful Nutrition that contributes to:*

  • Energy Production
  • Muscle Function
  • Normal Psychological Function
  • Bone Health


NeoLife uses advanced technologies to provide a natural, exclusive magnesium supplement delivered in a highly bioavailable form, combined with a unique profile of three main magnesium sources (Tri-Mag Blend) complemented by whole food phytonutrients (PhytoMag Blend) to promote lifelong health and vitality.*

  • NeoLife Tri-Mag Blend provides magnesium from three main sources:
    1. Exclusive double amino acid chelated magnesium bound to glycine, a highly bioavailable and absorbable form of magnesium.
    2. Tri-magnesium citrate, an organically bound and natural source of magnesium with high bioavailability.
    3. Magnesium oxide, the form with the highest concentration of magnesium.
  • NeoLife PhytoMag Blend is a proprietary blend of whole food nutrients from beet, kale, broccoli and radish, providing phytonutrient benefits such as antioxidant power and additional natural sources of magnesium.
  • Unique 3D Technology: NeoLife 3D technology assures rapid and complete Disintegration, Dissolution and Dispersion for enhanced bioavailability.


Take 1 tablet daily.

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Magnesium is an essential mineral that is required for maintenance of good health because of its vital role in hundreds of biochemical reactions in the body.


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